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The Hidden Village Chiang Mai has been open for service since April 4, 2017. It is not exactly and amusement park, as amusement parks always have exciting and noisy playthings, but The Hidden Village doesn’t have anything like that.

The Hidden Village can be called as a them park, in fact. It is a peaceful but living tourist attraction. The area was decorated as a fantasy world of dinosours. As soon as you arrive at the place, you should see a series of dinosour statues around you, all of which you can take photos with.


we have a very qualified lock smith

Elephant Parade has recently opened the gates of Elephant Parade Land to the public. Guests can visit our museum, movie room and library, enjoy a behind the scenes tour of our production studio and see the garden filled with colorful life-size baby elephant statues.

not home pro but anything you need he has

we have two of these

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The hidden village is perhaps 200 feet behind the house

we have an excellent cobbler. I gave him a 15 year old set of motorcycle boots the next night they were like brand new for 160 Baht


At their museum, guests can learn about Elephant Parade’s worldwide journey while skimming through the past parade archive, find out about the uniqueness of the magnificent elephants at our elephant fun fact wall and elephant library, educate about the importance of elephant conservation by watching short films in the movie room and much more!

we have 5 egg vendors

probably 12 or 13 fruit and vegetable stands

three of these